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Review of the ST Models Discovery Electric Trainer by: Fotis Mitsopoulos

Review of the ST Models Discovery Electric Trainer
I have been flying an ST Models Discovery for the last 2 years and here is a review of my experience. First of all I would like to say that I highly recommend this model as a first trainer. It is very simple to put together and at £99.99 including postage from Ripmax is a real bargain. Point it into wind open the throttle and it lifts off quickly and is a very docile flyer on half throttle but open it up and it can fly quite fast.



The recommended lipo is a 3S 2200mah which is fitted up front in the battery compartment and this will give around 6 minutes of flying. It actually says 10 minutes in the instruction booklet but this has to be taken with a huge pinch of salt. I decided to try a bigger battery to extend the flying time. I constructed a battery tray from balsa and mounted it inside the fuselage beneath the wings and used a velcro tie to hold a YKS 5000mah lipo in place. This makes a tremendous improvement to the flying time and the extra weight of the battery makes no difference to the performance. I would recommend YKS lipos, they are much cheaper than other batteries I have used and perform very well. I usually set my timer to 15 minutes and on landing the remaining capacity is always around 40% or so. It is possible to get 20 minutes out of the 5000mah pack quite safely. This might be ok on a Summer day when it is warm, but on a freezing Winter one, 15 minutes is more than adequate before my fingers start freezing up.


I went to Wings n Wheels at North Weald last June and was lucky enough to pick up a big bag of spares for the model for just £10 from the Ripmax stand. The bag contained a set of wings complete with servos, tailplane, fin and decal sheet total value £90!! There were also complete fuselages for £10 too. In retrospect I wish I had bought several bags and sold the parts on Ebay.
In conclusion the ST Discovery is a brilliant model. I should mention that the model includes an ESC with a brake function to stop the propeller rotating when the throttle stick is pulled back and this is very easy to set up. On a slight down side the foam tyres tend to get chewed up when landing on the tarmac so landing on the grass is preferable.
Review by: Fotis Mitsopoulos


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