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Want to learn more about the exciting pastime of flying radio-controlled aircraft?
Perhaps you see yourself piloting a Spitfire and doing a victory roll over the airfield on completion of your mission or is it the daring speed and maneuvers of the RED BULL AIR RACE planes that has led you to aspire to be an R/C aircraft pilot. Maybe you are just content to fly a sports model in a more majestic manner. Whatever your aspirations are the club would offer you a warm welcome and help you achieve these dreams.



LMAC has members with experience in many aspects of the hobby who can advise and help you make a successful start in the hobby.
Too often newcomers start off with the wrong type of aircraft which inevitably ends in disaster and the end of their entry to the hobby.


Your first “Basic Trainer Aircraft” will probably be a high wing modern A.R.T.F. (Almost Ready to Fly) which can be built within a few nights and has the benefit of getting you “into the air” quickly and easily.

Many newcomers are now starting with electric powered aircraft. Save building that super scale Spitfire until you are a competent pilot and therefore avoid the disappointment. The most popular makes of radio used within LMAC are Flysky, FrSky and Multiplex. These radio sets can be used with what is known as a ”buddy lead“ linked together to provide “dual control” and is very helpful in the early days of training.


Pilot instruction follows the Scottish Aeromodellers Association (S.A.A.) or British Model Flying Association (BMFA) guidelines.  Flying instruction can be arranged mutually between instructor and trainee Pilot. It’s a friendly atmosphere with plenty of camaraderie, communication and opportunities to learn the necessary skills. When you are ready you will be encouraged to take the S.A.A. "Bronze" or BMFA "A" proficiency test which is a measure of your ability to fly safely.

The more “stick time” you put in – the faster your dreams will be realised. You can also practice flying on your PC using a flight simulator which can dramatically improve your “orientation skills”. Want to fly right now? Click here to download PicaSim, a free flight simulator.

Interested? Then contact us for more information. We CAN help you, so why not join us.

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