Livingston Model Aircraft Club (LMAC) Covid-19 Guidelines -  29/5/2020

Nothing in these guidelines replaces the current Scottish Government regulations and recommendations which will change on an ongoing basis.  You should keep up to date on the current restrictions and obey them at all times.

As we approach the time when some restrictions will be lifted, it seems likely that radio control model flying will once again be allowed in Scotland.  It is already permitted in England and Northern Ireland.  The following is a list of measures taken by the club to ensure your safety and the safety of others.  Obviously nothing is without some level of risk and it is expected individual members will make their own minds up when to return.  We are certainly not back to normal, Covid-19 is still very much a threat. Some of our normal activities may not be possible due to the 2m separation requirement and the issue of surface contamination.

  1. Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or who shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms, must not fly and should stay at home to maintain social isolation in accordance with government advice.  If you have visited the airfield within the last 14 days and are now displaying symptoms please notify LMAC.

  2. The gate at Kirknewton represents the biggest risk factor.
    Gloves, e.g. Latex/Nitrile/Vinyl to be worn or hand sanitiser used immediately before and immediately after opening/unlocking and closing/locking access gates and padlocks.

  3. You should maintain 2m separation from other people (except family members living in the same house).

  4. Cars should be parked in the normal place but you should leave a car’s width between your car and the next car.  This will help maintain the 2m separation distance. See Fig. 2.  If mobility is not an issue for you, please leave some room closer to the runway for those less able.

  5. You should not walk up and down the pits as this would compromise the 2m separation distance. See Fig. 2.

  6. When it is your turn to fly walk directly away from the cars to a safe distance before turning left and proceeding to the runway.  Similarly when returning follow the reverse procedure.  This maintains greater than 2m separation. While on the runway maintain 2m separation from other flyers. See Fig. 2.

  7. No sharing of model flying equipment and aircraft (apart from by those sharing a household).  Contamination hazard.

  8. No launching of aircraft for someone else (apart from those sharing a household).  Contamination hazard.

  9. Buddy box control (dual control) may not be possible.  E.g. The wire linking the sets is very often less than 2m so 2m separation may be impossible.  In addition the cable and 2nd transmitter cannot be simply be handed to the second person because it could be contaminated.
    Wireless buddy box control is possible since 2m separation can be maintained but the individual must either be from the same household or each uses their own personal transmitter.  You cannot simply hand a transmitter from one person to another because it could be contaminated with the virus.

  10. Some people use the assistance of a second person to start internal combustion models.  Remember the 2m rule still applies.  Retaining stands are one way round this problem.  Remember however not to compromise safety.  Spinning propellers can be dangerous and reaching where you should not is also a hazard.  Please take care.

  11. Hand sanitiser should be considered an essential item in every model aircraft flyer’s flight box.

  12. Currently the Scottish Government restrictions allow two households to MEET up to a maximum of 8 people.  2m separation must be maintained.  Parks, Golf Courses, Tennis Clubs etc. are allowed to open and clearly have more than 8 people.  Obviously the restrictions could change over time and the club’s position is simply to obey the current government rules.

  13. Consider wearing a face covering.

  14. It is recommended that you bring your own first aid kit.  There is a contamination hazard from using somebody else’s first aid kit.

  15. These Covid 19 guidelines will remain in place until further notice.  The guidelines will be reviewed periodically by the LMAC committee.

Fig. 1 Car parking and Pits area

Fig. 2. Close up of car park and pits area showing modified procedures

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